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PROJECT for PhD discussion - Biomedical Sciences
(This project is a personal elaboration written by the candidate and will be discussed in depth during the PhD examination. The project may be written in English or Italian using Times New Roman 11, line spacing 1,15. Tables, schemes and figures may be incorporated. Do not exceed the size indicated for each section. Please use this form to complete project writing)
Curriculum and theme to which the project is related
(Specify to which theme this project is related by selecting among those listed in the PhD website http://dottorati.unipv.eu/on-dip/phdsb/Home.html and reported below. Specify both RESEARCH TOPICS and THEME)
A) Biochemistry - THEMES:
1. Biochemical and immunologic characterization of bacterial proteins, their role in infective process and possible vaccinal use.
2. Molecular bases of diseases associate to aging and amyloidosis.
3. Analysis of connective matrix in normal and pathological conditions.
4. Proteins of biomedical interest: functional and structural studies.
5. Biochemical mechanisms of platelet function.
6. Biochemical of human erythrocyte.
7. Biochemical mechanisms of platelet production.
8. Pathogenetic mechanisms of diseases related to protein-misfolding: disease biochemical markers.
B) Pharmacology - THEMES:
1. Receptor pathology, metabolism and cellular kinetic study.
2. Environmental toxicology.
3. Gastrointestinal pharmacology.
4. Clinical pharmacology of active drugs on central nervous system.
5. Antineoplastic drugs pharmacology.
6. Transplant pharmacology.
7. Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics of active drugs on the central nervous systems, the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal system.
8. Pharmacology and molecular mechanisms associated to neurodegenerative diseases;
9. Environmental effects on the immune system;
10. Pharmacology of the signaling transduction systems in the neurologic, oncologic and immune system diseases.
C) Physiology - THEMES:
1. Molecular and cellular physiology of the nervous system.
2. Cellular communication and plasticity in the cerebral circuits.
3. Physiology and biophysics of sensory, motor and cognitive functions.
4. Cellular communication in the cardiovascular system.
5. Physiology of the skeletal and cardiac muscles.
6. Physiology of the gastrointestinal system.
1. Neurobiology, neuroendocrinology and functional neurology.
2. Neurophysiopathology.
3. Neuroepidemiology and research methodology.
4. General neurology.
5. Child neuropsychiatry.
6. Physiopathology, diagnosis and therapy of primary cephalalgia and adaptive disorders.
7. Neurodegenerative disease, brain aging and dementia.
1. Disciplines within the medica sciences (cardiology, hematology, pediatrics, neurology/psychiatry).
2. Translational issues with focused approach to the study of the molecular and cellular basis of disease.

(The title should concisely report the main issue addressed by the project - an acronym could also be added)
Name of candidate
Herewith I declare that this project is a personal elaboration and was not anyhow copied or written by others. Your faithfully,
Candidate signature
(This section should not exceed 3000 words or 4 pages. Approximate maximum size per section is indicated)

(Reported from previous page)

Background and Rationale
(Explain the scientific background and the rationale of the project, adding a few references if needed. About 800 words)

(Explain the main and the secondary aims of the project. About 400 words)

(Explain the experimental and theoretical methods used in the project. About 800 words)

Plan and timetable
(Explain how the project will be developed and articulated during the 3 years of the PhD. About 400 words)

Project outcome and impact
(Explain the expected outcome and impact of the project. About 400 words)

Call for application is available at the web site of the PhD courses, University of Pavia:
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